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Here, in Maison Capital we aim to make your DeFi experience smooth and easy as ever with only one app to use for maximum returns for your investments. Powered by the crowd community-owned smart launchpad & yeild-generation / venture vaults with lots of exciting and the most profitable investment options


Liquid assets

Access to projects at the earliest rounds, enabling investors to access best prices without the associated minimum threshold reserved for investment funds
The Platform will allow community to go well beyond mere proposal voting. Besides simple factors such as protocol fee structures, community will decide on business expansion, tech development and many other Maison incentives with the club growth
Decentralized fund management platform built on Binance Smart Chain. Mansion club members will be able to subscribe to funds package and earn profits. Management goal is to create a one-stop DeFi protocol, where even total beginners can profit from the biggest wealth transfer in history
Far beyond classic approach of providing a liquidity pair and get a reward in the Maison native token all of the stakers / farmers gain access to IDO offered by Maison Capital. On top of that farmers & stakers will gain extra income on pairs provided by partnering projects / successfully launched IDO's at Maison
Smart Venture Vaults will allow stablecoins to be locked for either 3, 6, or 12 months. This will provide stakers to earn Mansion power tokens besided yeild returns. Every Mansion club member is a great resource for projects, enabling them to seed a community with exactly the kind of public sale buyers they want
As the community-driven platform we are always passionate to improve and provide best experience to our users being innovative all the time. Join our amazing decentralized trading competition vaults to build more robust financial ecosystems with Maison Capital
Are your excited about Artificial intelligence opportunities and tomorrow's technologies like we do? What if we could bring some of them to you as an easy DeFi investment service? Make wealth a habit with us!
Every project should have unique feature as the secret weapon to outperform competitors. We have many and this is one of them. We cannot disclose any details so far but with Sir Cecil you may end up ahead of schedule on the journey tosuccess! Stay tuned for more details

Launchpad maintains networks




Governance & community-driven

Club members are a community of investors, growth hackers, influencers, customers, traders and knowledgeable industry participants combine to build wealth together



Maison Capital serves as an incubator for new and upcoming innovative projects, which will be properly vetted in order to guarantee the smoothest experience for sale participants as well as project owners


Deflationary auto yield token

Maison’s smart contract is a deflationary token that burns and redistributes tokens to stakers and farmers after every transaction


Beneficial referral loyalty program

We value every member of our community and are willing ti bring best DeFi experience with every step user takes to help us grow together. That’s why we offer the most innovative way to gain more than you imagine


Most user-friendly ui/ux experience

The user interface is a critical part of any product. And we encourage our users to explore the platform without the constant fear of failure as our team focuses on the aesthetics but also maximizes responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility to have an easy and enjoyable time exploring our products


Lowest fees to higher yeild returns

At Maison Capital we believe that in achieving the best returns for our users low fees are as important as our products and so we aim to be highly competitive on that for you to enjoy this experience

House of Lords

Maison has a unique tier system which requires users to hold a certain amount of $$MSN tokens to participate in it’s launchpad. It’s a pool weight system based on base allocations. The more $$MSN you stake, the larger allocations you receive by pool weight


Life peer

100 $MSN required Basic allocation in IDO Voice Weight: 10


1000 $$MSN required Standard allocation in IDO Voice Weight: 100


5000 $$MSN required Extended allocation in IDO Voice Weight: 250


10000 $$MSN required Premium allocation in IDO Voice Weight: 400


10000 $$MSN required Premium allocation in IDO Voice Weight: 400




Initial supply

330,000 $MSN

Total supply

10,000,000 $MSN

Farming / Staking 35% Liquidity 5% Burn 10% Presale 20% Team Fund 10% Invest Fund 5% Marketing Fund 15%


Quarter 1-2/2021

  • Market research
  • Project conceptualization
  • Team organization

Quarter 3/2021

  • Smart contracts audit
  • Maison seed sale
  • Pancake listing
  • Maison club platform launch
  • Staking as a service
  • Referral program activation

Quarter 3-4/2021

  • First IDO
  • Smart vaults launch
  • General partnership
  • Governance mechanisms

Quarter 4/2021

  • Smart venture vaults
  • Merchandise store launch
  • New tier
  • Competition vaults launch

Quarter 1/2022

  • Sir Cecil index vault launch
  • New partnerships
  • Tier 1-2 exchange listing
  • New app feature
  • AI index vault launch

Affiliate program or how to become an influencer of Maison Capital

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